Spensary - THC-V + Delta-8 + CBC Gummies - 250mg (10ct.)


Spensary - THC-V + Delta-8 + CBC Gummies - 250mg (10ct.)

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Flavor: Sour Apple

Spensary THCV + D8 THC Gummies

Made from 100% hemp-derived THCV, Delta-8 THC and CBC, Spensary gummies offer unique combinations of rare cannabinoids in easy and delicious bite-sized pieces for a boost of energy and focus. Featuring THCV, which research has shown may support increased energy and appetite-suppression, these vegan gummies each contain a total of approx 25mg of active cannabinoids - including D8-THC, THCV and CBC.

A Gummy Best for Daytime

Not all gummies are equal, and some will have more sedative effects. Spensary THCV gummies are designed with specific situations in mind - the right ratios of cannabinoids will make all the difference in the experience. In the Spensary R&D laboratory, we came up with this formulation as an answer to the need for an energizing, daytime friendly product that can bring relief without sacrificing the day.

How to Use

Start small - take a half gummy to start, in order to get a feel for the strength of it. Gummies take between 1-2 hours to kick in fully. Please wait 1-2 hours before consuming more.

Cannabinoid Content

Each of our THCV gummies contain approximately:

  • 5-6mg THCV
  • 17-18mg Delta-8 THC
  • 2-3mg CBC


Glucose, Sugar, Sodium Citrate, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors, Hemp Derived Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

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