Terp 8 - The Wife Live Resin Delta-8 Badder Dabs

Terp 8 - The Wife Live Resin Delta-8 Badder Dabs

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By blending CBD live resin extract with Delta 8 & other sedating minor cannabinoids including CBN, we offer a compliant dab bringing a potent couch-lock effect. Our CBD Live Resin Delta 8 Knockout Badder is one of our stronger dabs & offers a closer-to-cannabis like experience through combination of the CBD live resin & Delta 8 distillate. The Knockout badder was made to focus on effect & has less terpenes than some of our other extracts. For a juicy terpene-rich experience we recommend our CBD Live Resin Sugar dab.

CBD live resin delta 8 knockout badder is for those wanting to check out & rest. This product will not leave you high functioning & should not be consumed at times where you want to be active or focused. It is best for nighttime & weekend use when rest is desired. CBD live resin preserves the cultivar’s taste and aroma like you would find with cannabis extracts, no botanical terpenes needed.

The CBD live resin used in this product was made from curated Oregon-grown hemp flower, chosen for it’s unique or therapeutic cannabinoid & terpene profile. To make CBD live resin the CBD (hemp) flower is frozen as it’s harvested out of the field, preserving the plant’s compounds. Our frozen CBD (hemp) flower is then made into a cannabinoid & terpene-rich extract containing far more therapeutic potential compared to most CBD distillate-based extracts on the market (using dried-out biomass).

By blending our CBD live resin extract with Delta 8 distillate and other minor cannabinoids, we are able to offer a compliant preformulated extract with a more potent effect.

  • CULTIVAR: The Wife, sweet cherries and subtle notes of gas & citrus
  • COLOR: Light amber, but varies
  • TEXTURE: Whipped batter-like
  • PSYCHOACTIVITY: Psychoactive
  • DOSING: Approx 25 mg per serving (Tolerance will vary between users. Start low & build)
  • ONSET: 0-5 min
  • DURATION:  1-3 hours
  • STORAGE: Keep away from heat, light & excessive oxygen