Why Order with Amherst: Working with Amherst Brands is always free to retail partners. We are a brand-direct buyers club. We've built relationships with our brands that give our retailer partners greater visibility, white glove treatment and access to the newest products faster than any other supplier. 

If you want to learn more about us, head to our About Us page.

How Ordering Works:

  1. Login/Register Your Account to view pricing
  2. Fill up a cart with multiple products from as many brands as you'd like
  3. Begin Checkout and enter your Shipping Information
  4. Under Shipping Method, select "Generate A Purchase Order"
  5. Select Continue to Payment (You will not enter payment information and you will not be charged in this step)
  6. Submit your Order to Amherst Brands
  7. Once we receive your Purchase Order, we will call or email you to confirm the order details. 
  8. Upon confirmation, we will collect your payment information. 
  9. You will receive brand-specific invoices and shipping details from Amherst Brands once your order is fully paid and processed.