Delta Farms - D8 Live Resin Sauce - 1g

Delta Farms

Delta Farms - D8 Live Resin Sauce - 1g

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Strain: Super Sour Space Candy

A golden colored, delicious mixture of high quality hemp extracts, our Delta-8 THC live resin sauce is dotted with small cannabinoid crystals and has a skunky nose rich from the cannabis-derived thiols. 

We begin with our CO2-extracted Super Sour Space Candy live resin, and upon that add an additional blend of unadulterated Delta-8 THC, additional live resin, and a smidgen of vacuum-extracted cannabis-derived terpenes.

Great for dabbing, use with oil concentrate vaporizers and mixing in with smokable hemp flower.

Each container contains 1g of live resin.

Cannabinoid Breakdown: 

Delta-8 Concentration: 34.48%

CBDa: 41.79%

CBD: 1.55%

CBGa: 0.6%

CBCa: 1.76%

Total Cannabinoids: 81.739%

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