Spensary - Delta-8 + CBN Sleep Tincture - 1,500mg


Spensary - Delta-8 + CBN Sleep Tincture - 1,500mg

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The Spensary Team set out to create the perfect tincture to combat anxiety and assist with sleep. Combining a 1:1 combination of Delta-8 THC and CBN, the CBN inside is fully activated by the Delta-8 THC content to maximize its effectiveness.

Studies suggest that CBN is a potent anti-inflammatory, may be a powerful neuroprotectant, and when combined with THC may also have very sedating and euphoric effects. This is a simulation of the effects one receives from aged cannabis - where more of the THC has been converted into CBN, and results in the hazy "couch lock" effects. 

Each tincture bottle contains at least 1500mg of cannabinoids, and the recommended serving size is 0.5ml - or half of a dropper.