Spensary - THCV + CBC Peppermints
Spensary - THCV + CBC Peppermints


Spensary - THCV + CBC Peppermints

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Our latest and greatest creation, our Pep-Permints are a fantastic combination of the energizing THCV combined with CBC which assists in activating the energizing, hyper-focused effects of these mints.

THCV is a very exciting cannabinoid, with effects that benefit energy, stimulation and focus - the effects many seek for daytime use. We created this with the intention of lifting the brain fog normally found in hemp and cannabis products, zeroing in on a formulation that benefits our energy and productivity.

Each mint contains 5mg of THCV and 2.5mg of CBC.


Fructose, Mannitol, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Crospovidone, Colloidal Silica Dioxide, Natural Mint Flavor, Hemp Extract, Titanium Dioxide