Terp 8 - 4g HHC Infused Moonrocks - Bubba Kush

Terp 8

Terp 8 - 4g HHC Infused Moonrocks - Bubba Kush

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  • PRECAUTIONS: This product is psychoactive
  • Hand-Trimmed
  • Hand-Rolled (6x more potent than sprayed moonrocks)
  • Ultra-Enhanced Effects

Our hand-rolled Moonrocks are made with our premium trimmed CBD flower and are a more potent alternative to HHC sprayed flower for those wanting a stronger effect.

HHC Moonrocks infused with CBD Live Resin are some of the most powerful hemp products in the Galaxy. We aren’t just talking about flower in its raw form - HHC Moonrocks consist of a process that takes flower beyond anything we’ve seen before.

Our Moonrocks are made by coating Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower with a thick layer of HHC distillate and rolling it in high-quality screened CBD kief. These Moonrocks are infused with strain-specific CBD Live Resin to potentiate the HHC. This enhances the experience and provides a more true to plant and potent experience.

It’s important to acknowledge that these are HHC Moonrocks we’re talking about. This means you’ll get the same uber-strong Moonrocks, but without the extreme psychotropic potency of Delta 9. HHC has been observed as far less likely to induce stress in high doses when compared to Delta-9. In terms of potency, HHC is stronger than Delta-8 THC, but slightly less strong than Delta-9 THC.